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  • Hello. My name is Brianne. 


    I am a Gaïan Mage.

    I create and hold spaces in Service to the Earth and the evolution of all Beings. 


    I offer online group trainings, one-on-one sessions and consultations.

    I work with people to create regenerative land systems, and I hold space for authentic adulthood initiation processes. 


    I am a nomad, currently training in Portugal.

  • "It's up to you to invent who you are.

    - Clinton Callahan




















  • offerings

    4-week series - July 6, 13, 20, 27.

    2.5 hours / session. Private Telegram Group. 80-100 .


    Feelings are neutral. They are a neutral source of energy and information that you can learn to use to handle your life. Rage Club is a safe space for discovering and experimenting with the power of conscious anger. Get your energy back; rewire your nervous system; learn to say no, stop, yes; experiment with making boundaries and decisions; practice saying what you want and making proposals; connect with what you care about and take back your Authority to be the unique Being that you came here to be!


    Contact me to register.























  • Regenerative Land Systems Design Process

    a new form of Permaculture

    A co-creative process is an ongoing, non-linear collaboration between you (the client), me, and the land. We work together to create a system that provides value for the Earth, for you and me.

    A regenerative land system is one that provides value for the Earth. It is a system that increases soil health, slows down wind and water erosion, replenishes local aquifers, removes toxic waste, enhances biodiversity, fixes carbon, provides food for pollinators, birds, fishes, humans, etc.

    In the past 4 years, I have worked with land, people, teams and communities in a variety of climates, from arid grasslands bordering on desert, to tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate.

    I would be glad to talk with you about your project. I offer a free 20-minute call to discover if we want to work together.

    Possibility Coaching

    there are more options than you think


    Gremlin Hunting and Training

    get to know your Underworld

    Your Gremlin is the part of you that relishes avoiding responsibility. It can destroy any space for no reason whatsoever. Have you ever come out of a cruel argument with someone, wondering what the heck happened to you? This is your Gremlin. It feeds on righteousness, separation, manipulation, etc.

    The requirement for this Training is to have initiated your Gremlin with a certified Expand the Box Trainer.

    Gremlin Hunting starts by making a list of 50 foods that your Gremlin feeds on. Clarity brings more consciousness. For this process to be effective, every food on your list must be written clearly and specifically.

    It is easy for your Gremlin to fool you. For this reason, it is best to have a coach when putting your Gremlin on a diet.

    This is a weekly 30-minute coaching session for 3 months.

    Emotional Healing Process

    unlock your emotions and transform your life

    There are four feelings: anger, sadness, fear and joy. They each are neutral sources of valuable information that provide the energy for you to create the life that you were born to live.

    Feelings are not emotions.

    Emotions come from the past. Have you ever felt "triggered" by another person? Become emotionally reactive? When this happens, a present event/circumstance/person has pulled you into a past traumatic experience where you were not able to express and use your feelings, which then got locked into your system.

    Emotional reactivity is a doorway for Healing. An emotional healing process is a safe space for Clarity and Transformation to happen. Together, you (the client) and I navigate your emotions to the old decisions that you unconsciously made out of the traumatic experience, which are still at play in your life. This allows you to have more possibilities so you can get new results in your life.

    Going Sane Process

    go insane


    Floor Process



  • my story... is ongoingly changing

    I grew up in a village in north-eastern Canada called Sturgeon Falls - a place surrounded by forests, lakes and rivers. I learned to walk and sow seeds at the same time, thanks to my mother's passion for plants and our family-owned nursery business. I spent my childhood working and playing outside, and my teenage years going on adventures in the forest with my brother.

    At 14, I had my first encounter with yoga and its philosophy. Practicing postures nourished my body and I was dedicated to teaching myself how to practice on my own. After two years of disciplined daily self-practice, I asked myself "Why do I feel so good when I practice?" I devoured the books I found on the topic. Different Vedas, multiple versions of Baghavad Gita, Vivekananda's writings and other scriptures.

    Meanwhile, University happened and I wondered, "Is this really what I want?" It seemed like I was drowning in disconnection with myself and the people around me. I had the impression I was in the wrong place, yet I numbed myself to it because I wanted to be a "good" young woman in Modern Culture. My life got more and more out of sync; I quit University and re-enrolled myself a few times, driven by guilt. I got hit by a car while cycling in April 2017. It was death and rebirth.

    I finally left University and went to India to study Vedic philosophy for 3 months, with no plans to return to Canada. I became a yoga "teacher" and continued my journey with a month-long Permaculture Design Course in southern India. There I taught yoga-asanas and breathing practices for the other participants and connected with many Indian farm owners interested in regenerative practices. I spent the next year travelling to my friends' farms and working on regenerative projects in India.

    I came back to Canada in early 2018 to work as a Regenerative Farming Intern in Cache Bay, Ontario. I learned about growing food on a medium-scale with experienced farmers and lived in an off-grid cabin without running water or electricity for the summer. I fell in love with minimalistic living!

    I spent the next winter working as an artist in residence for the local french school board, working with creativity and visual art, teaching breathing, yoga and its philosophy. I realized the importance of working with children to co-create the bright future that I long for.

    In the season of 2019, I became the farm manager and steward of 2 acres of organic food production. I also collaborated with other farmers to initiate the Ottawa Farm School, creating and facilitating a curriculum for local children to learn about growing food, biodiversity, soil health and farm ecosystems. I fell in love even more with my work with children.

    I spent the winter working as a yoga teacher while designing my first two professional permaculture designs. One, a backyard design for attracting pollinators and biodiversity. Second, my own regenerative farming project in Wakefield, Québec. I spent the season creating a biodiverse, productive garden, making mistakes and learning a lot along the way.

    While listening to Dan Palmer's Making Permaculture Stronger podcast, I stumbled upon Clinton Callahan. He spoke about Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, and I knew that I needed to check out this book. I waited months to receive my first copy. I forgot about it, then remembered and became impatient. Somehow I stumbled on the StartOver.xyz game. Life as I knew it simply blew up.


    The more I experimented, read and listened to Next Culture Radio, the more I knew I had found my Village. I started looking for Possibility Management in Canada. It took a while for me to find Scott East, but in November 2020 when I did, I immediately got in touch with him. We had a phone call together, and he was the first person I told that I wanted to become a Trainer. I joined him and Nicole Hartley Bradford to form a 3 Cell, the seed of Possibility Management Canada.


    In January 2021, I started practicing conscious feelings work. I learned to feel through Vera Franco's trainings, and 333 Initiation. Delving deep into Possibility Management, I gathered the distinctions and the tools that I needed to fully surrender myself to my Archetypal Lineage. I am in an ongoing transformational healing process that is allowing me to become a vehicle for Love, Clarity, Transformation, Adventure, Authenticity, Responsibility, and Creation in the world.

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