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    co-creating Next Culture through

    conscious feelings work

    permaculture design facilitation

    personal yoga training


  • Worktalk on Zoom, April 9th from 18:00 to 20:30 EST.

    Includes basic thought-maps and experiments from Possibility Management.

    The cost is $15 per person.

  • I am a Possibility Management Trainer in training passionate about the Earth and the evolution of all its Beings. I am an Inner and Outer permaculture coach; I work with people to create regenerative systems AND to go through transformational healing processes. I am currently based in Calgary, Canada..

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  • I work out of different contexts...

    Possibility Management

    My journey working within the context of Next Culture and Possibility Management started many years before I suspected it did.


    Two years ago I was co-creating maps of the farm economy as a social permaculture experiment. Little did I know, I was researching Whole Permaculture (a field of research within Possibility Management) before I knew it even existed.


    Since January, I have participated in two Rage Clubs.

    Rage Club, alongside ongoing conscious rage experiments, has allowed me to take back my Authority. To reclaim my power to choose what to do with my life. Rage has provided the structure I need to take a stand for the earth.


    Taking back my Anger has had consequences.


    I have jacked-in to my Purpose.

    I am now holding transformational spaces.

    I am now living as an Experimentor. I am on the Learning Team. I live in a non-local ecovillage with Nicole Hartley Bradford. We initiated a Globally-Emergent Evolutionary Art Activism Festival. Our version of it is called "Conscious Feelings in the Park" in Calgary! We also host a weekly Money Club.

    See the offerings and happenings section for more details.


    I am glad to be part of the StartOver.xyz team as an experiment writer.

    StartOver is a free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline

    matrix-building thoughtware-upgrade personal-transformation real-life adventure-game.

    Permaculture and Regenerative Land Stewardship

    In this video I explain (in French) the guild system I designed to create biodiverse and abundant gardens.

    I have loved my work with youth to bring more conscioussness around growing food in regenerative ways.

    I have worked in partnership with three different farms in Eastern Canada to design and implement 'wild zones' on their land to control erosion, enhance biodiversity or catch rain-water.

    I have spent multiple seasons growing food with the Earth and with farmers to make local organic vegetables more accessible to people living in cities and villages.

    2-hour online "Garden Design" training


    This training is for beginner and experienced gardeners. Contact me to show your interest, and I will let you know of upcoming dates.


    2-hour online "Container Gardening" training


    This training is for beginner and experienced gardeners. Contact me to show your interest, and I will let you know of upcoming dates.


    Traditionnal Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga

    coming soon...

  • my story... is ongoingly changing

    I grew up in a village in north-eastern Canada called Sturgeon Falls - a place surrounded by forests, lakes and rivers. I learned to walk and sow seeds at the same time, thanks to my mother's passion for plants and our family-owned nursery business. I spent my childhood working and playing outside, and my teenage years going on adventures in the forest with my brother.

    I started being interested in yoga and its philosophy when I turned 14. Practicing postures nourished me and I soon became dedicated to teaching myself how to practice on my own, following online videos. Few years of a disciplined daily self-practice and I started getting interested in the Vedic philosophy behind the practice. I read scriptures and devoured books on the topic.

    Meanwhile, I entered University and felt my life lose its meaning. Is this really it? I kept feeling this drowning feeling, the impression that I was in the wrong place. My life got more and more out of sync with my purpose and I found myself getting hit by a car while cycling. It was death and rebirth.

    In 2017 I quit University and left for India to study Vedic philosophy for 3 months, with no plans to return to Canada. I became a yoga "teacher" and continued my journey with a month-long Permaculture Design Course in southern India. There I taught yoga-asanas and breathing practices for the other participants and connected with many Indian farm owners interested in regenerative practices. I spent the next year travelling to my friends' farms and working on regenerative projects in India.

    I came back to Canada in early 2018 to work as a Regenerative Farming Intern in Cache Bay, Ontario. I learned about growing food on a medium-scale with experienced farmers and lived in an off-grid cabin without running water or electricity for the summer. I fell in love with minimalistic living!

    I spent the next winter working as an artist in residence for the local french school board, working with creativity and visual art, teaching breathing, yoga and its philosophy. I realized the importance of working with children to co-create the bright future that I long for.

    In the season of 2019, I became the farm manager and steward of 2 acres of organic food production. I also collaborated with other farmers to initiate the Ottawa Farm School, creating and facilitating a curriculum for local children to learn about growing food, biodiversity, soil health and farm ecosystems. I fell in love even more with my work with children.

    I spent the winter working as a yoga teacher while designing my first two professional permaculture designs. One, a backyard design for attracting pollinators and biodiversity. Second, my own regenerative farming project in Wakefield, Québec. I spent the season creating a biodiverse, productive garden, making mistakes and learning a lot along the way.

    I started practicing conscious feelings work, learning to feel through Vera Franco's trainings. Delving into Possibility Management, I gained the distinctions and the tools that I needed to fully surrender myself to my Archetypal Lineage. I am in an ongoing transformational healing process that is allowing me to become a vehicle for Love, Clarity, Adventure, Connection, Authenticity, Responsibility, and Creation in the world.

  • testimonials

  • connecting the dots...

    Nicole Hartley Bradford

    Awakening the Village: Inner and Outer Permaculture Coach

    Nicole is one of my mentors, who has become a dear friend. I currently live and experiment with her in Calgary, Canada. Together, we are part of the CANDOO 3cell, serving each other's Archetypal Lineage in Service to Gaïa. We have also initiated an Emergent Revolutionary Art Activism Festival - our version of it is called "Conscious Feelings in the Park". We are both experiment creators for the massive multiplayer online-offline adventure-game called StartOver.xyz

    Scott East

    Bridges to Next Culture: High Drama Theatre Director

    Scott is one of my mentors, who has also become a dear friend. Together, we are part of the CANDOO 3cell, serving each other's Archetypal Lineage in Service to Gaïa. We are working together to bring Expand the Box training to Calgary in May 2021.

    Vera Franco

    Evolutionary Abundance Midwife - verafranco.org

    I have been journeying as a participant in multiple trainings and initiations with Vera's guidance as a spaceholder. I have been in rapid transformation ever since. This website would not exist without her offerings to co-create Next Culture.

    Radiant Joy Brilliant Love Study Group

    with Clinton Callahan and Anne-Chloé Destremau

    Listening to the recordings of the Radiant Joy Brilliant Love Study Group is what initiated my engagement in Possibility Management. While waiting for my copy of the book to arrive I started listening to the group's recordings and have been in rapid-comet-transformation ever since.

    If you are interested in participating in the discussion or in joining the live calls on Mondays, join the Telegram group.